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 Anna Paquin Shares Her Secret to a Great Body

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PostSubject: Anna Paquin Shares Her Secret to a Great Body    Fri Sep 03, 2010 2:49 pm

Anna Paquin, in particular, seems like someone who's really comfortable with her body. And it might be because she's apparently a serious exercise maven. Her trainer recently told an interviewer that she's really fun to work with, and that Anna just loves to work out.

"She ... is an incredible athlete who can run 10 miles a day, box for hours, and then do Pilates ... all before 11 a.m.," Anna Paquin's trainer, Clay Burwell, told Contactmusic.

That's some impressive work, there. He goes on to say "she thinks it's just fun."

Wouldn't it be great if she could bottle that and sell it? Along with the whole "former child star but apparently not a huge mess and, in fact, seemingly quite well-adjusted" thing? I know I have my days where I love working out ... and others where curling up with a magazine and a cup of coffee is 900 times more appealing. Actually, I have days when cleaning the cat box is more appealing.

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Anna Paquin Shares Her Secret to a Great Body
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