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 Roof fire at Leavesden Studios no damage to Harry Potter sets

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PostSubject: Roof fire at Leavesden Studios no damage to Harry Potter sets   Sat Mar 12, 2011 3:45 pm

A roof fire at Leavesden Studios yesterday morning has not caused any damage to Harry Potter sets.

According to sources from the Warner Bros.-owned studios in Abbots Langley, work is continuing at the site as usual today, and there is no damage “to anything relating to Harry Potter”.

Fire broke out at about 9.45am while construction workers were refurbishing an old office building on the site.

Smoke could be seen rising from the studios as far as the A41, before crews from Garston and Watford contained the blaze.

Firefighter Hazeldine, of Green Watch, at Garston Fire Station, said: "We managed to prevent what could have been a very big fire.

“We saw it from a long way away as we approached but, fortunately, it hadn't caught the whole roof.

“It looked quite substantial but we managed to get it under control."

A Warner Bros. spokesperson confirmed that the fire service were called out to the studios and that after twenty minutes the incident was under control and no-one hurt.

The cause of the fire, which was extinguished at about 10.50am, is being investigated.

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Roof fire at Leavesden Studios no damage to Harry Potter sets
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