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 Is Kristen Stewart Snow White after Breaking Dawn?

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PostSubject: Is Kristen Stewart Snow White after Breaking Dawn?   Sat Mar 12, 2011 4:01 pm

Is it a fairy tale or a nightmare? As our sister site BSCKids is reporting, speculation, in this case, seems correct. Actress Kirsten Stewart is closing in on Snow White and The Huntsman.

Here’s what we know about the film so far. According to MTV, Charlize Theron is the Evil Queen and Viggo Mortensen may, I repeat, may portray the titular Huntsman. We warned you Stewart was being considered for the lead role. At the time it looked like it might be a scheduling conflict for an indie project near and dear to K-Stew’s heart, which is potentially going to be directed by her own mother. According to Twitter, however, it looks like Stewart and Snow White are all but confirmed.

Producer Palak Patel Tweeted, “KStew is officially playing Snow White and her deal is in final negotiations and will close next week.” He later followed up with, “Official confirmation coming next week but we are in final negotiations.”

I see this as good news. I hope the art direction will call for Stewart to look radically different than Bella Swan of the Twilight Saga. Short, jet black hair would be nice. Of course, Stewart went black before, for The Runaways. And who doesn’t want to work with Charlize and (maybe) Viggo?

Also, dear hearts, there are two upcoming Snow White film projects on the loose, so try not to confuse them. Another has got Julia Roberts as it’s potential Evil Queen.

MTV also had some insight into the story for Snow White and the Huntsman. Forgive the similarities between it and Stardust (which I loved anyway).

1. Snow White, an 18-year-old princess, is targeted for death by her bitter stepmother, a fate she avoids thanks to Eric, a huntsman out for vengeance against the queen. (Who names a dashing, rugged, huntsman, ‘Eric’? Shouldn’t it at least be Aric? That’s more fairy tale vogue.)

2. [Meanwhile, the Evil Queen is] so evil that she’s collecting as many beautiful women as possible, casting spells on them, draining their beauty and drinking their essence “as they age 60 years.” (I wonder if she sees Red Riding Hood‘s werewolf at her super villain association meetings.)

3. Abraham Lincoln isn’t the only one getting an action makeover. Just like that historical vampire hunter, Snow White is getting her hands on axes, daggers, bows and arrows and swords over the course of the film. “She’s not the damsel in distress any longer,” reports the script review. (Yes, I’m ready for K-stew-zilla, or Terminator K-Stew if you prefer!)

4. There’s apparently a big battle scene in which the “seven dwarfs attack the Queens Army.”

5. Prince Charming — called Charmant in the script — eventually comes along to kiss the apple-poisoned Snow, and although he’s her first love, Snow has fallen for the huntsman. Eric, however, insists that Charmant is her one true love. (Translation for Twihards: Bella gets poisoned by the Volturi and Edward comes to break the spell, but Bella loves Jacob now, but he’s in denial and insists Edward is Bella’s true love. Heck, why don’t they both take turns kissing Snow White? It worked in Twilight Saga: Eclipse.)

♥️ & Fairydust!

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Is Kristen Stewart Snow White after Breaking Dawn?
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