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 Stephen Moyer Banned From Going Out

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PostSubject: Stephen Moyer Banned From Going Out   Tue Mar 09, 2010 12:07 pm

British actor Stephen Moyer has been banned from going out in the sun. So he says that he will remain pale, for True Blood.

Moyer reveals that he had gone to Los Angeles to play the character of the blood-sucking vampire Bill Campton, of the hit series 'True Blood'. He says that the TV bosses told him that he cannot make the most of the hot weather.

“I couldn’t wait to live by the beach and enjoy the weather, then they dye my hair and make me stay out of the sun. I was banned from sunbathing!,” says Mayor.

True Blood, which has been dubbed “Twilight for adults”, is the racy drama which had gripped the US audiences. It is now making waves among the British people through Channel 4 and FX. It features raunchy sex scenes, blood-drinking, drug-taking and lesbian vampires.


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Stephen Moyer Banned From Going Out
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