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 Creating Polls - Help

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Creating Polls - Help Empty
PostSubject: Creating Polls - Help   Creating Polls - Help Icon_minitimeThu Mar 18, 2010 2:51 pm

In order to creat a poll, first click "New Topic"

In the subject box, put the title of your poll and also enter a question/description into the main message box (it won't send if you leave it blank)

Scroll down to the "Add a Poll" secton, if this is not already expanding, click on the "+".

Enter your poll question in the "Poll Question" box.

In the "Poll option" box, enter the options for your poll, leaving a space between the two, such as;

"Do you love twilight?




I used to but not now"

and so on, you can put as any options as you like.

The only other thing to look at is the "Multiple Choice" option, if you just want people to be able to vote for one option, click "no", if you want people to be able to vote for more than one option, click "yes".

Press send, or preview to make sure it worked, and then send. Hope this helps x

♥️ & Fairydust!

Creating Polls - Help Pbucket
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Creating Polls - Help
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