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 Alyssa Milano Still Has Hopes for 'Romantically Challeneged' Renewal

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PostSubject: Alyssa Milano Still Has Hopes for 'Romantically Challeneged' Renewal   Sat May 15, 2010 1:00 pm

As fans wait for word on whether their favorite shows will return in the fall, Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Ausiello reported Thursday that Romantically Challenged is getting the axe and will not be renewed for a second season according to “multiple sources.”

This has come to a surprise to the show’s star Alyssa Milano, who took to her Twitter account to comment on the news.

“I just spoke to abc. They say that no decision has been made as of yet,” she said. “Either @MichaelAusiello is misinformed or his ‘insider’ spilled before proper human contact was made between the network, producers & cast. Either way it’s not cool.”

Later she wrote that no “official” word has come from ABC. She is trying to rally her followers to support the show and keep it on the ABC schedule by urging them to call a number.

“Until we get official word let’s just smile,” she said.

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Alyssa Milano Still Has Hopes for 'Romantically Challeneged' Renewal
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