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 Kwanten 'gives co-stars nudity advice'

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PostSubject: Kwanten 'gives co-stars nudity advice'   Sat May 29, 2010 2:27 pm

Ryan Kwanten has revealed that he has offered his True Blood cast members advice on dealing with nude scenes.

However, the actor said that he has left the actual nudity to his co-stars for the upcoming season, reports People.

“I’ve passed the nudity mantel,” he said. “Some of the others cast members have taken on the throne.”

Kwanten said that he is the 'go-to guy' for advice as he spent much of his time undressed at the start of the series.

The star's advice includes to "tie the 'modesty sock' on really tight because you don’t want that thing coming off, because there will be evidence of that forever.”

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Kwanten 'gives co-stars nudity advice'
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